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"Excellent!  Well done boys "

Chas Hodges

" Very Chas 'n' Dave! "

Peter Donegan

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How can I go about booking the band and how much do you charge?

You can get in touch us via our contact page or by emailing us directly at

Please get in touch for a quote and we'll reply asap.


Do you have any special requirements?

We kindly ask for a bar drink per band member to be included in our fee.


Will we need to hire any extra equipment for your performance?

Everything is included in your booking. We supply the lights and sound equipment leaving you to relax and enjoy your event.


How far do you travel for events?

We prefer to travel within East Anglia and surrounding counties however if your event is further afield please do get in touch and we can see what we can do for you


How long do you perform for?

We perform for up to 2 hours typically split into two sets with a maximum break time of 30 minutes.


The venue I am using have asked me if you have public liability insurance?

Yes we do  and can provide you with certificates upon request.


Can you provide a Chas 'n' Dave tribute act?

Yes we can and offer a 1 hour set of solid Chas 'n' Dave  performed authentically


Is it possible to have a poster to promote our event?

Yes indeed! Just drop us a line and we'll get a HQ bespoke poster sent right over to you.


Do you provide interval music?

Yes we do. Typically we take a 30 mins break in between sets and keep the party going with a lively rockney playlist


Where can I see what songs you perform?

You can download a sample set list by clicking here.












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